Our Giving

New Life Grants are designed for organizations providing mercy and outreach services to those in need.  Furthermore, the deacons seek to promote transformational change by supporting programs that address the root causes of problems rather than simply providing short-term fixes.  With these goals, they have developed the following funding priorities.  They fund projects and agencies that: 


  • Build Community -promoting partnerships and ongoing relationships between the New Life membership and its wider community. 
  • Demonstrate results -those that are effective in working with at-risk communities in disadvantaged areas. 
  • Combine Word and Deed Ministry -providing opportunities for the advancement of the Gospel and meeting practical, physical needs simultaneously. 
  • Use Resources Wisely -those that raise funds from multiple sources. 


What We Do Not Fund


So as to provide focused stewardship of our resources, the deacons do not make grants to: 


  • Individuals (i.e. to pay salaries and or benefits of employees affliated with the applicant). 
  • Entities that have received or solicited funding from some other source affiliated with New Life Presbyterian Church (e.g. Session, Deacons, Missions Committee, etc.) for the same project.
  • Expenses tied to the establishment or ongoing operational support of an organization.